AGRUPATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND THE PROMOTION OF THE RURAL EMPLOYMENT (ADESPER) founded in 2000, is a Non Profit National Organization with Legal Personality; it was founded as an “Association”.

It is composed of different physical and legal entities and organizations, associations, SME’s, and social agents which have vast experience in managing rural development by carrying out both training and by creating new employment fields. (self-employment, rural cooperatives and rural SME’s).

Our main objective is avoiding the high level of depopulation in rural areas; Adesper wants to fix population in those rural areas as well as promoting favourable social and economic conditions in the rural environment.
Adesper’s main interest is training and qualifying people for those new employment fields and also the use of new information and communication technologies to train and teach the disadvantaged and discriminated-against people (rural women, young people looking for their first employment, socially discriminated-against people, disabled, people who need to re-enter in the labour market., etc)

Within this objective ADESPER has worked diligently in several European projects in the Leonardo Da Vinci, LEADER, LIFE, INTERREG and EQUAL programs in order to work for “rural” young people’s professionalization, qualification, agricultural development as well as rural environmental protection.

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Employees working in the project:

  1. Veronica Verdejo
  2. Julio Santin
  3. Juan Antonio Sanchez